Direct Response TV
What We Do
  • Koeppel Direct is a leading direct response TV (DRTV) media buying firm specializing in multi-channel direct response campaigns.
  • We integrate all the key mediums that comprise an effective direct response media buy, including DRTV, online, print and radio; to ensure the success of the client's direct response media campaign.
  • Our staff works closely with our clients, guiding them through all stages of the direct response media buying process, from media testing and analysis, through roll-out.
  • Our approach enables Koeppel to deliver direct response media buying that leads to direct results.
  • We know the 'ins' and 'outs' of maximizing the impact of an direct response television (DRTV), online, radio and print campaign.
  • The caliber of our direct response media buying performance is why marketers depend on Koeppel Direct's professional's campaign after campaign.
  • Service to our clients is our top priority.
  • Clients receive results from their direct response campaigns that are measurable, specific and immediate.
    How We Do It
  • We manage all of the key aspects of a direct response TV (DRTV), online, radio and print campaign.
  • We do this by aligning our clients with the top firms in the areas of direct response television production, telemarketing and fulfillment. And Koeppel Direct provides the direct response media buying expertise.
  • Our media buyers are experienced at buying direct response television (DRTV), online, radio and print media at the right price, in the best mediums, in order to maximize response.
  • Utilize industry leading Catalyst and CORE DR media buying software to fine tune DRTV media buys, in order to establish the most efficient media program for each client.
    Where We Do It
  • Koeppel Direct is currently buying direct response television (DRTV) advertising:
  • On every national cable television network
  • On a wide range of nationally syndicated television shows
  • On both national satellite TV networks; Dish and DirecTV
  • On network TV
  • In over 200 local broadcast markets in the U.S.
    DRTV Innovators
  • Koeppel Direct has been an innovator in finding new, high performing outlets for direct response television (DRTV) advertisers.
  • For example, over the last several years, we became one of the largest DRTV purchasers of nationally syndicated TV shows and national satellite time.