Multi-Channel Direct Response
What is Multi-Channel Direct Response?
Here's the deal: multiple channels maximize profits from direct response advertising. How? By combining an integrated media buying strategy for TV, online, print and radio with the expertise of one of the leading direct response media buying agencies worldwide. That means measurable, sustainable results for your direct media investment. And that's how Koeppel Direct is transforming the direct response industry, to the immediate and long-term benefit of our clients. So look for multi-channel direct response from the people who invented it and see a direct impact to your bottom line.
A Leader in Multi-Channel Direct Response Media Buying
  • Koeppel Direct is a world-class direct response media buying agency specializing in Multi-Channel Direct Response TV, online, radio and print campaign management.
  • We integrate all the key elements of an effective direct response media buy to ensure the success of our client's direct response media campaign.
  • One company in the direct response industry is leading the charge to provide clients with an integrated Direct Response TV, print, radio, and online media buying strategy. That company is Koeppel Direct.
  • Our clients demand results, and we deliver them immediately and long-term, by integrating all the key elements of an effective direct response media buy, to ensure the success of our clients' direct response media campaigns.
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    Multichannel Marketing in a Digital World
    "Multichannel marketing" can refer either to distribution or to advertising--or both. Or the term can refer to a supplier that advertises and promotes a product via more than one media channel (TV, radio, print, Internet), regardless of whether customers actually can buy the item by one means or several. more...
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