Multi-Channel Direct Response
Multi-Channel Direct Response
Online Media Buying
Koeppel Interactive, a division of Koeppel Direct, specializes in online media buying and online video advertising for direct response advertisers. We bring years of experience to the process of testing, direct response media planning, buying and ad trafficking to deliver highly effective Internet campaigns that generate the response rates of successful DRTV and direct response radio campaigns. Our groundbreaking interactive video technology produces television-quality online infomercials that convert even the toughest Internet consumers. Our search engine, shopping feed, RSS and Blogging campaigns generate results that will surprise even Internet-savvy marketers.
Online Direct Response
Online direct response is the future of direct response marketing. Koeppel Interactive provides direct response media planning, buying and consulting services that are tailored to the needs of the serious direct response marketer.
Online direct response campaigns are typically more challenging than branding campaigns, in that every direct response media buy has to deliver a positive return on investment. Not only do the ads need to reach the target audience, but also some kind of measurable action (a click, form submission or sale) has to occur. Many direct response marketers have had bad experiences with email marketing and online advertising. Used to the numbers generated from television and radio, these marketers tend to view online direct response as more of a sideshow.
Online direct response is the process of generating a lead, sale or other similar action directly from an Internet ad. Online direct response is measured through click through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CR). Cookies and special tags are used to track which ads, landing pages and paths deliver the most conversions. This type of tracking is also used for cost-per-action (CPA), where the publisher is only paid if a sale occurs. Koeppel Interactive takes online direct response to the next level. To achieve the direct response rates of television and radio, we combine innovative technology with a deep understanding of online advertising fundamentals: market research, testing, campaign planning, buying, strong execution, analysis and optimization. Our methodology stresses testing, retesting and constant tweaking to ensure that online direct response campaigns achieve optimal media efficiency, cost per order and profitability.