Multi-Channel Direct Response
Multi-Channel Direct Response
Services We Provide
Professional Planning and Buying for:
  • Short-form television (:30, :60 and :120)
  • Long-form television (infomercials)
  • Online campaigns including search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, banner advertising, etc.
  • Radio
  • Print at 40% to 70% off rate card
  • Per inquiry opportunities
  • Integrated multi-channel direct response campaigns combining online, DRTV, print and radio advertising
    More of What We Provide:
  • Campaign management, including integration of Direct Response TV, online, print and radio media buying, production, telemarketing, fulfillment, reporting and analysis
  • Testing, analysis and rollout
  • Reporting, utilizing industry leading Catalyst and Core DR Media Software
  • Trafficking of commercials
  • Full time analytics staff
  • Multi-media website design and management
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